Boxa Grande

Boxa Grande

Suits family 4+

Mixed Fruit & Vegetables

11-12 Seasonal Vegetables

5-6 Seasonal Fruits

Medium Boxa

Suits family with small children

Mixed Fruit & Vegetables

9-10 Seasonal Vegetables

4--5 Seasonal Fruits

Basic Boxa

Build on this Boxa

Mixed Fruit & Vegetables

Potatoes, Onions, Tomatoes, Leafy Line, Apples & Bananas 

Boxa Inbetweena

For lovers of salads and fruit

Mixed Fruit & Salad Items

5-6 Salad Items

5-6 Seasonal Fruits

Boxa Fruit

For lovers of fruit

Fruit Only

6 Seasonal Fruit Varieties

Boxa Veg

Great for vegetarians

Vegetables Only

12-14 Seasonal Vegetable Varieties

Boxa Juice

For the juicer or smoothie maker

Mixed Fruit, Veg & Herbs

3-4 Seasonal Fruits

3-4 Seasonal Vegetable & Herb Varieties

Special Boxa Fruit

All the seasonal fruits 

Fruit Only

(berries, nectarines, apples, bananas, peaches, plums, grapes & melon option) 

Pick your own Boxa

Perfect for families who need a special order

Select items from our weekly extras list to make up a bespoke boxa. Order will be quoted base on inclusions. 

Grazing Boxa

For the picky eaters

Mixed Fruit, Veg & Berries

5-6 Seasonal Fruits (including berries)

5 Seasonal Vegetable Varieties (cucumbers, carrots, avocados, capsicums, snacking tomatoes)

Gift Boxa

Fresh gift idea

Choose from fruit only, veg only or a combination to make up a beautifully presented and wrapped Gift Boxa.

From $80.00
To place an order please email and see what's included in this weeks boxa options.