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HI! We are a boutique family-owned and operated business located in Glenhaven. Our mission is to supply local Hills District families and businesses with great service and quality produce.


My husband is an agent at Sydney Flemington Markets and has worked alongside his father for 25 years. It’s a family affair with four boys running the business. 


Here is where the Boxa Greens idea grew from; Bruno, my husband would bring me an inspiring box of hand-picked produce weekly from the markets. The quality of the produce was amazing and there was always an abundance left over; which I would share with family and friends. I love to cook and constantly sought out or created new recipes utilising the fruit and vegetables I was receiving. I wanted to share what I had with others. It has since grown from there.


In addition to our weekly fruit/veg boxes, we supply beautifully curated fruit gift boxas and fruit hamper with artisan treats. The perfect fresh gift that loves you back!

Nine years on and my three boys are now exposed to an array of fresh fruit and vegetables (just as both my husband and I were growing up). We use food to celebrate life and come together!


I'm now affectionately known by many of my young Boxa customers as 'the fruit and veg lady' or Boxa lady!

Rachael xx

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